From my earliest memory I have had music in my life with many members of my family playing piano and introducing me to this from the moment I could reach the keys. At the age of 9, I joined the Victorian Children’s Choir. This gave me my first taste of performing and the reward for the effort music can take.  My instrumental playing expanded to woodwind instruments in 1988, then guitar, bass and drums the following year. I continued through the years to add brass, strings and drama to my list. For over 25 years I studied under Masters International, achieving many qualifications including:

•Master of Music 12/05/1999
•Licentiate; Guitar/Bass: Masters International 2003
•Certified Practicing Musician: Masters International CPM 04/04/2004
•Associate Teaching Diploma: Masters International 2004
•CPM Fellow of the Society FCPM 30/05/2011
•Music Director: Masters International MusD. 28/07/2014
•Certified Practicing Music Therapist CPT-Level 7 28/07/2014
•I am also an APRA Full Member/Writer.

I love the challenge of adding a new instrument and working on the techniques to make it feel natural to play. I have played in orchestras, blues, jazz, stage, rock and heavy metal bands. I formed Level Edge and wrote, recorded and performed with them for 5 years between 2003 and 2008. I have also been a member/song writer of original band Against The Grain (now Lazarus Mode) and tribute band Youth Gone Wild plus many cover bands over the years. I regularly get asked to perform for many different occasions, and just love getting up on stage to express my connection with all things music.

On a deeper level, music has helped me through some hard times as a positive anchor to keep me grounded and help give me focus. This is exactly why I started teaching in 2002 and the reason I began Drew Thorpe Music in 2004, to give children and adults the joy, positive benefits and the strengths that music empowers you with. With hard work anything is achievable, and nothing reflects this better than music.