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Written By: Alek Stokes

For this blog, I thought I would write up some of my favourite Exam and SAC preparation tips for VCE Students.

Not in VCE? don’t stress, You’ll still get something out of it for yourself or your child! These tips can be applied to all different year levels with homework or upcoming tests.

Start Early

How often have you planned to start your study early but end up leaving it to the very last minute? Also known as cramming!

It goes without saying that you should avoid leaving your study to the last minute. This strategy may not work for all students but give it a go anyway. Grab a pen and piece of paper and draw yourself a timetable. Write out the subject and what is upcoming for it, whether it be a SAC or an Exam. From there, plan backwards and give yourself plenty of time to commence study for this upcoming Exam or SAC.

The trick is to find the balance between all of your subjects. Once you do this, you’ll stop being stressed out by scheduling.

Explain your answers and topics to those around you

Whilst you may want to be locked away from your family when you are studying, you can use them to your advantage. Explain questions and answers to them. This will allow you to say your answers aloud and you will be able to highlight areas you need to work on in a different way.

Take a break

Studying for hours on hours will lead to saturation. You will end up at the point where you can no longer focus on anything. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by anxiety if you don’t know how to manage your stress. Instead of building up the stress and pressure that leads to anxiety, take regular breaks. Find the time frame that works for you. Some people take a 10-minute break every hour, it’s completely up to you.

I personally found a ratio of 20 minutes work, 5 minutes rest to be more beneficial to myself.

Clear the study space

This point, in particular, I find to be the most important. Making sure your study space is well organised is of the utmost importance. There should be as minimal distractions as possible. Make sure you have the right amount of light, have a comfy chair and have enough room to spread everything out without it being cluttered. Some people need music, some people need silence, do what works for you.

You can read a different perspective on space and focus in Simons previous blog post by clicking here

Use the practice Exams and practice SAC’s

I know you will probably hear this from your teachers a lot, BUT this point is overlooked by everyone. Use past exams and go through them. As you get better, sit them in test conditions. It can also be beneficial to get someone else to mark the results for you.

It can also pay off to time yourself to see if you are using your time wisely or not.

Doing this will also allow yourself to become familiar with the format for the SAC or Exam.

Bring some brain snacks!

You will need to eat every now and again during your study time. When choosing your snacks, try and select options to will keep your energy and focus up. Nutritious foods like nuts, blueberries or yoghurt will help keep your brain focused and active.

This tip also applies to the exam. Whilst you can’t eat in the exam, make sure you have a healthy and nourishing meal before your exam.

Study Groups

Get together with some classmates and study together. Bounce your thoughts and answers off each other and use the group to expand on your knowledge and answers. The group may be able to answers questions you don’t know and you may be able to answers questions for them.

The trick to selecting an effective group is to pick people who want to study, not people that will distract you for hours.

Study groups should also take breaks together to relax and allow some ‘down time’.

In Summary, the bottom line for effective study is structure and organisation. Allow yourself time between tests, SACS & Exams to study to content. Give yourself the best possible chance of success. Keep in mind that you need to also look after yourself for maximum efficiency.

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Until then, keep learning, keep growing and keep asking questions

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