Academic Tutoring Bendigo

Academic and school tutoring Bendigo

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If you are looking into school tutoring and tuition in Bendigo but aren’t sure of what areas of learning your child might need assistance in, then this is the perfect way to start.

We specialise in Maths, English and Science tuition.

Maths, English and Science tuition - Free evaluation

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All participants receive a report from our teacher outlining what they recommend. | 0407 502 438

Academic and School tutoring Bendigo

Academic Tuition allows students to gain extra assistance outside of school to ensure they are not only understanding their school work but aren’t falling behind or feeling left out. If you find that your child has struggled with their education since COVID lockdowns, our program will cater to your needs. Our Bendigo school tutors  are able to tutor from Prep to Year 10 in all subjects and VCE English, English Literature & History. We can’t wait to get the opportunity to teach and guide students through their schooling

Our lesson content is created via feedback from the student and parent. This ensures each student’s lesson structure and content remains within the individual area of requirement for that student. Our teacher’s methods are aimed at helping each student learn and improve at their own given pace. We always try to add a variety of approaches into the class to give the student the best chance of understanding the work. Here at DTM Education, our students come first. We teach our students in accordance with what they want and need. All our Academic Tutors are Qualified Teachers.  

Our Academic sessions are conducted in either one-on-one or in a group setting of 2 students per class.

One on one – 45 minutes

Paired – 1 hour

Our classes can be conducted in person or online! So don’t let distance get between you and your education.

To see our teachers just head over to our teacher’s page or for pricing just click here