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Enrolment and lessons

Lessons are half an hour for ‘PRIVATE’ or ‘Group’ sessions.

Where a lesson is conducted as a one on one session with a student enrolled as a ‘Group’ enrolment, then this lesson will be 20 minutes long.

Enrolment is for a full school term’s length when received at the beginning of term, or remainder thereof, if enrolment is received after the beginning of any given term.

Enrolment is continuous from term to term and year to year unless DTM is otherwise officially notified.

School term, year lengths and dates are determined by the appropriate State’s Education Authority.

Missed lessons must be given 24 hours prior notice to qualify for a makeup lesson. Missed lessons due to Public Holidays will be made up at a time determined by the student’s teacher only if they have been charged for in that terms invoice. Students are entitled to a maximum of two (2) makeup lessons per term. Make up lessons will not be conducted until fees are paid in full. Make up lessons are timetabled at the Teacher’s discretion and availability.

Missed lessons due to unnotified In School activities, e.g. Curriculum days, excursions, sports days etc. do not automatically qualify for makeup lessons.


Lessons commence each term once fees have been received. Any lessons missed due to late fees will be conducted as make up sessions or doubles.

Lesson fees are non-refundable. Any credits given, where due, are at the discretion of DTM management and issued in lesson format only.

Fees can be paid either in cash, direct deposit or direct debit. DTM does not accept cheques or money orders.

A fee of $5.50, as charged to DTM, will be passed on for any direct debit payments rejected. Direct Debit & Split Payments incur a 2.5% processing fee. Fees more than 30 days overdue will incur a surcharge of 5% per month for the outstanding period.

Instrument Hire

Hire instruments are only issued once fees have been received in full.

Hire fees, as stated on our Pricing page, are a flat term fee regardless of term length or enrolment date.

Hire instruments are the full responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian including care, storage, and security.

Any damage or loss of a Hire Instrument will be passed on to the invoiced person responsible for the account.

Complete replacement of the instrument where required will be charged at the recommended retail price for the instrument at the time of replacement.

All hire instruments must be returned at the end of the year prior to the Xmas break for regular servicing and maintenance. Instruments not returned at this time will be charged at the rate of one term’s fee for that given instrument over the Xmas Hoilday Period.

Instruments are available for hire over the Xmas break by arrangement with DTM management.

Hire instruments must be immediately returned upon a student ceasing lessons with DTM.

Teacher’s Privacy

Individual DTM teacher’s personal contact details are not provided unless approved by the teacher in question.

DTM teachers are not required to release their personal details as a matter of privacy.

Any contact with teachers can be made directly through DTM or via your students practice book.

We endeavour to maintain good communication lines with our students’ parents and teachers via DTM management to account for and deal with any issues that may arise, but we ask that you please respect our teachers need for privacy.