DTM Education is doing a merch run!

The Team at DTM have decided, after a lot of requests, to do a merch run for our DTM Family!

If you would like to place an order for a Hoodie, T-Shirt or Beanie just click here!


DTM Education is very excited to announce Academic Tuition to the Bendigo & Surrounding Community. We have Tyler Naylor coming onboard as our Academic Tutor for 2021 and he brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and passion to the role.

Academic Tuition allows students to gain extra assistance outside of school to ensure they are not only understanding their school work but aren’t falling behind or feeling left out. If you find that your child has struggled with their education since COVID lockdowns, our program will cater to your needs. Tyler is able to tutor from Prep to Year 10 in all subjects and can’t wait to get the opportunity to teach and guide students through their schooling


To Enrol in Academic Tutoring click here or to see our teachers head to our teacher’s page



To enrol go to